If you’ve ever had a leaky chimney, you know what a disastrous effect moisture can have on your home. Moisture in your chimney system can cause a variety of problems including damper corrosion, disintegration of flue tile, and water intrusion into your masonry.

Furthermore, if water is allowed to leak from your chimney into your home, it can rot wooden framework, ruin drywall and insulation, and create an ideal environment for mold, including toxic black mold. Although there are a lot of different ways that moisture can enter your home, if you own a prefabricated fireplace, a faulty or missing rain pan may be a reason for moisture issues in your home. At Leonard and Sons, our knowledgeable chimney experts can inspect and install a new rain pan on your chimney, protecting your home from moisture damage.

What is a rain pan?roof of a house

In a prefabricated fireplace, a rain pan covers the surface of the chimney top around the flue. Essentially, it has a similar job as the chimney crown in a masonry chimney. In masonry chimneys, when water that runs off the chimney cap or chase top, it falls onto the rain pan, preventing water from seeping into the masonry. If you have a prefabricated metal chimney, the rain pan prevents water from seeping into the area between the chimney and the flue. Although it acts similarly to a chimney crown, unlike a chimney crown, a rain pan is made of stainless steel instead of a concrete.

Do I need a chimney cap if I have a rain pan?

Some people may think that a rain pan is a good enough cover to protect your chimney from moisture. However, your rain pan only covers your chimney chase. It doesn’t cover the flue opening. You will need to use a chimney cap in conjunction with a rain pan installed on your chimney. Together, these two chimney components do a wonderful job of protecting your chimney and home from moisture. It should also be noted that some people like to install a rain pan over the chimney crown as well. Because stainless steel is not permeable, some people prefer it to just a masonry crown.

We can help!

If you are noticing any leaking by your chimney, or if you notice that your chase cover, rain pan, or chimney crown is looking a little worse for wear, we here at Leonard and Son’s can help! Our chimney experts will make sure that you chimney is fitted with a rain pan that fits perfectly for your chimney type. If you have any questions about installing a new rain pan, call Leonard and Sons at 847-658-7659 or check us out online to schedule an appointment with one of our chimney experts today!