Enjoy A Stronger, More Beautiful Fireplace & Chimney With Our Masonry Restoration Services

Does your masonry fireplace and chimney enhance your home or make it a real eyesore? If water damage, time, weather, or just age has left your masonry unattractive and unsafe, we can help. We specialize in masonry restoration and tuckpointing and can help bring life to your damaged and unattractive masonry. These are some of the problems we can resolve:

  • Cracks in your mortar or brick
  • Holes in your mortar
  • Water-damaged, discolored brick
  • Crumbling or receding mortar joints
  • Vegetation-riddled brick
  • Spalling brick
  • Efflorescence
Damaged, stained Chimney Masonry and crown before restoration

Before Restoration

Restored chimney masonry and new chimney crown

After Restoration

Whatever type of damage you have, we have the skills, techniques, and tools to provide beautiful and effective restoration work.

  • Tuckpointing — The mortar joints that rest between the brick of your fireplace or chimney are designed to provide structural support. But holes, cracks, age, and moisture damage can cause mortar to recede or deteriorate, which can compromise the look and longevity of the structure. If receding or damaged mortar joints are the problem with your fireplace or chimney, our expert tuckpointing service is the answer. During the restoration process, we’ll grind out the damaged mortar and color match fresh mortar to go in its place. With Leonard & Sons performing the work, you can expect clean, attractive results that strengthen and enhance your fireplace and chimney.
  • Brick Replacement — We tend to think of brick as impervious to damage, but it’s not. Moisture, vegetation growth, cracks, holes, efflorescence, freeze/thaw cycles, and popping facing can all leave brick structurally compromised and unattractive. But if your brick is in need of replacement — we can help. We carefully select brick that matches the brick used in the construction of your fireplace and chimney so that the results are strong and beautiful.

Is it time to have a masonry expert take a look at your fireplace or chimney? Call on Leonard & Sons and experience the difference that 50+ years of experience and a commitment to quality make. Call 847-658-7659 or fill out our online scheduling form to request an appointment today! 


We’re confident that, when you have your masonry restoration work performed by our professionals, the results will be long-lasting and attractive. Whatever repairs your chimney and fireplace need, we are here to help. We also offer fireplace refacing or changeout services, too!

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