Keep Your Chimney Clean & Free Of Flammable Creosote Deposits With Leonard & Sons

Did you know that corrosive byproducts and flammable deposits are left behind in your chimney after your fire dies out? These byproducts are acidic and can eat away at and damage your chimney liner, and as creosote settles and builds up, it can restrict airflow and be a real fire hazard. But if you make chimney sweepings a regular part of your home maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about either — because we’ll take care of it!

Inside view of chimney before sweeping showing creosote build up

Before Sweeping

Inside view of chimney after sweeping free of creosote

After Sweeping

During a chimney sweeping, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps will carefully remove any ash, soot, and other deposits, and leave your flue liner’s walls fresh and clean. Even the toughest creosote doesn’t stand a chance when Leonard & Sons is on the job. We use PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover), which works by liquifying the creosote and absorbing it into itself. As it dries, the PCR cracks and flakes, falling away from the flue liner and onto the smoke shelf or into the firebox, where it can easily be removed during the sweeping process.

How Is PCR Applied & Can It Be Used On Clay AND Stainless Steel Liners?

PCR can be applied by a sprayer or a brush. Application will depend on where the creosote is located. One of the great advantages of PCR is that it’s safe for use on both clay and stainless steel liners. So regardless of which type of liner you have, with PCR, we can get that tough third-degree glazed creosote out of your flue fast.

How Do I Know If I Need To Have My Chimney Cleaned?

It can be difficult to tell whether or not you need to have your chimney cleaned, as most of the chimney is hidden from eyesight, and since there isn’t really any hard and fast rule for cleaning frequency, you can’t just use the calendar to keep track. The best way to identify when and if a chimney sweeping is needed is to make sure you’re scheduling your chimney inspection each and every year. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the CSIA recommend annual inspections for your safety, and these can help us easily identify when and if a sweeping is needed. Learn more about inspections and how we get such a good look at your chimney’s interior here.

Trust Your Chimney To Chicagoland’s Experienced & Qualified Chimney Care Company

When it comes time to schedule your chimney sweeping, trust your safety to those with experience. Leonard & Sons Building Service has been serving Chicagoland since 1966 and we’re certified, experienced, and qualified to get the job done right.


Ready to request your chimney sweeping or inspection? Call on Leonard & Sons, the third generation family-owned chimney and masonry specialist that’s committed to quality and customer safety. Call 847-658-7659 or request an appointment online today.

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