Have A Leaky Chimney In Chicagoland? For A Fast & Long-Lasting Fix, Call On Leonard & Sons

Do you see and hear the signs of a chimney leak, like the dripping of water down into your firebox, rust streaks down your chase, discolored brick, vegetation growth, or water stains along your ceilings or walls? Don’t wait — let Leonard & Sons stop your leak before further damage is done. We’re a third generation, family-owned and -operated chimney care company and we’re certified and equipped to tackle the toughest leaks.

Leaky chimney on a metal roof with rain pouring down

Commonly, we deal with leaks originating from a variety of places, including the flashing, the crown or chase cover, the chimney cap, and the masonry.

  • Flashing Repair — Flashing seals the chimney base and roofline and keeps water out of this vulnerable area. When flashing fails, many people may think they have a roof leak, when really, they simply need to have their flashing repaired and sealed using FlashSeal.
  • Crown Repair & Rebuilds — The crown is a cement section that seals off the top of a masonry chimney. Although a good crown will be made of cement and built to encourage moisture to leave the crown rather than settling on this chimney component, many crowns are poorly built and quickly wear through or dump water down onto the flashing, causing leaks. If cracks or poor construction have rendered your crown ineffective at keeping moisture out, we can help.
  • Chimney Caps, Rain Pans & Custom Chase Covers — Without caps and covers, water has a direct path into your chimney, which is why we always urge our customers to invest in quality chimney caps and chase covers. Weak metals will wear through fast, but a quality stainless steel or copper cap or chase cover will do the trick.
  • Masonry Waterproofing — Many people don’t realize it, but your masonry can also allow moisture into your chimney. Both brick and mortar are porous materials and the more damaged and worn they get over time, the more moisture they’ll allow in — but we can help. We repair masonry and can waterproof your chimney for years of moisture protection.

Are you having problems locating and fixing a chimney leak? Let Leonard & Sons help. We’ve been serving our neighbors in Chicagoland since 1966 and we’ve fixed countless leaky chimneys over the years. We’ll put a stop to your leak, whatever the cause, and help you prevent water problems for years to come. From chimney relining to chimney flashing repair, we can do it all, call 847-658-7659 or fill out our online scheduling form to request an appointment today!


Our masonry restoration services will dependably restore your masonry to its former glory. It’s just one of the many chimney and fireplace repairs we provide here in Chicagoland.

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