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Chimney leaks that originate where the roof and chimney meet can do serious damage to the home and have you up to your ears in costly repairs. How does water become such a problem in this spot? Well, the area where the chimney and roof meet is a vulnerable area because it’s not totally sealed — that’s what the flashing is for. Flashing (metal sheets layered in strategic ways) is installed over top of this vulnerable spot to seal it off and encourage rain and snow to exit the roof instead of gathering and entering the home. But flashing can still fail to keep water out for a few different reasons:

  • Improper Installation Materials & Techniques — Flashing should be made of copper or stainless steel, two incredibly durable materials. If a weaker metal is used, the flashing may rust and corrode, allowing water in. Additionally, counter and step flashing should be installed and minimal nail holes should be used to prevent water from pooling.
  • Weather Or Wind Damage — Winds can lift flashing and pull it away from the roof or chimney, and rain and snow can cause deterioration that reduces flashing’s effectiveness. Additionally, loose limbs and tree branches can hit the flashing during a storm and cause dents and other damage.
  • Animal Tampering — Just as strong winds can damage flashing, animals can lift or dent flashing as well, leaving openings and gathering spots for water.
Brick chimney on black roof with repaired flashing

The good news is: if your flashing is damaged or poorly installed, we can help. Leonard & Sons has decades of flashing repair experience in Chicagoland and we know what makes flashing truly last. Whether we’re repairing or replacing your flashing, you can be confident the results will keep water out of your chimney and home for the long haul.

We also offer our customers FlashSeal, which is a waterproofing product that seals flashing and provides added moisture protection. FlashSeal is available in black, brown, and white, which allows you to choose a color that will best blend with your home. For 7 years of leak protection, guaranteed, invest in FlashSeal.

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Don’t let a leak ruin your home — call Leonard & Sons Building Service at 847-658-7659 or fill out our online scheduling form to schedule an appointment with a certified chimney leak specialist. We also repair and rebuild chimney crowns too! We have 51 years of experience resolving leaks for our neighbors throughout Chicagoland, so you can rest assured we’ll take great care of you and stop your chimney leak fast. Call today!


In order to fix your leaky chimney, you may need a chimney crown repair or rebuild. Once we’ve inspected your chimney system, we’ll recommend exactly what you need.

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