Reline Your Chimney With Stainless Steel, Durable & Approved For All Fuels

At Leonard & Sons, we strive to provide our customers throughout Chicagoland with the best, most durable, and most effective chimney products so they can enjoy safer, more efficient homes. We know our customers don’t want to have to invest in new chimney components every couple of years, which is why we’re proud to offer quality stainless steel liners to our customers in need of chimney relining services. Why stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a strong metal that’s approved for venting all fuel types. Stainless steel liners are long-lasting, rust-resistant, and available in a variety of sizes, which is why stainless steel liners are a great option for just about anyone. So when and why would you need to reline your chimney with a stainless steel liner?

  • For many years, chimneys were built without liners, which made them incredibly unsafe. If you have an older chimney that was built without a liner, a stainless steel liner is a great and affordable option for bringing your chimney up to code.
  • Appliances and fireplace openings vary in size, and in order for the chimney to properly vent an appliance, the flue liner needs to be the appropriate size. If a sizing issue is causing draft, smoke, and performance issues, you may need to reline your chimney with a new stainless steel liner.
  • Not every material is approved for all fuels like stainless steel. Weaker metals like aluminum can’t be used to vent burning wood. appliances, so if you swap fuel types and you have an aluminum liner, you’ll need to reline your flue with stainless steel.
  • Although we can repair and resurface clay tile liners using HeatShield®, in some situations, relining with a stainless steel liner is a better option.
Inside view of new stainless steel chimney liner

Whether you find yourself in any of the situations listed above, you’re experiencing smoke problems and draft problems, or an inspection shows a lot of damage to your flue liner, when you need to have your chimney relined, call on Leonard & Sons. We’re experienced and qualified and we install the highest quality stainless steel liners on the market.

We also offer HeatShield ®as an option for your chimney. For a perfect fit and a long-lasting solution to liner trouble, call 847-658-7659 or fill out our online scheduling form today.


Guess what? We also provide furnace or water heater relining, so we’ve really got you covered when it comes to your chimney relining needs.

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