Does Your House Need A Refresh? Whole Home Tuckpointing Is One Of Our Specialties

Those of us here at Leonard & Sons Building Service are committed to meeting the needs of our customers throughout Chicagoland and helping keep the homes of the northwest suburbs in great condition. That’s why our services extend beyond the chimney and fireplace and into the whole home. We’re masonry experts and we can restore and refresh the masonry of your home and property, not just your chimney and fireplace. Whether you have water damage along the side of your brick home, the brick along the front of your home is cracking and spalling, or your mortar joints are receding and full of holes, our tuckpointing and whole home masonry repair work can help.

So What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing, sometimes called repointing, refers to the process of removing deteriorating mortar from between the stone or brick by carefully grinding it out. Once it’s removed, new mortar is mixed to match the old mortar in strength, color, and consistency. Once ready, the mortar is very carefully packed into the mortar joints and smoothed over to ensure a stronger, more beautiful and seamless home appearance.


What About Damaged Brick?

Have damaged brick that’s discolored from water or riddled with cracks and vegetation? We can help with that too. Our team has the skills and knowledge to safely remove old damaged brick and replace it with fresh bricks, carefully matching strength and color to the original brick. When we’re finished and the new bricks have been tuckpointed and cleaned, we’re confident you’ll be over the moon with the results. And in order to ensure the longevity of your new masonry, we can always apply masonry waterproofing products from ChimneySaver. ChimneySaver water-repellent won’t leave a shine or change the look of your masonry, and it carries a 10 year protection against leaks and water damage.

Whether you have a specific area of your home in need of tuckpointing repairs or your entire home could use a refresh, you can count on Leonard & Sons. Give us a call at 847-658-7659 or fill out our online scheduling form to request an appointment with a local masonry specialist today!

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