Did You Know That Dirty Dryer Vents Are A Fire Hazard?

Clothes dryer fires aren’t something many homeowners think about, but they’re actually responsible for a fair amount of injuries and property loss every year. What causes these dryer fires? Well, the majority of them are caused by neglect or failure to clean the venting. Most homeowners are diligent in the cleaning of the lint trap, but so much of the lint produced with each load of laundry goes into the vents to be vented out of the home. Over time, especially if the dryer venting has a lot of twists and turns, lint can accumulate there, leading to restricted airflow and an overworked clothes dryer. When this happens, you may experience longer dry times or the need to run your dryer multiple times per load, which means wasted time and wasted energy — and who wants that?

Disconnected Dryer Vent Pipe

The Dangers Are Great But The Solution Is Simple

But by far, the worst part of a clogged dryer vent is the fire and carbon monoxide risk it poses. You see, lint is flammable, and when the venting is clogged and airflow is restricted, the clothes dryer has to run hotter and for a longer period of time in order to dry your clothes. As lint is exposed to heat more frequently and for longer periods of time, it can ignite and spark a fire, which can rapidly spread to other parts of the home. Additionally, clogs can end up slowing down the venting process of the carbon monoxide produced by the clothes dryer. Instead of exiting the vent, this poisonous gas can back flow into the home and make you and your loved ones sick, or worse.

Don’t let a clogged dryer vent put you and your family at risk and cause you to waste precious time and energy — have your dryer vents professionally cleaned by Leonard & Sons. We’re CSIA-certified dryer exhaust technicians (CDET) and we know how to safely and effectively remove lint buildup and other blockages, without damaging your ducts.

Dryer Before Cleaning Full of Debris and Lint

Before Cleaning

Dryer After Cleaning Free of Debris and Lint

After Cleaning

A Mess-Free Cleaning? What’s Not To Love?

Not only will we have your dryer vents clean and ready to effectively vent your clothes dryer, but we’ll do so without making a mess in your home. Our specialized vacuums are designed to capture every last piece of lint so your home and air supply remain clean and dust-free. Is it time to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned? Schedule an inspection with one of our CDET professionals and find out! Call 847-658-7659 or fill out our online schedule request form today!


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