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One of the most common reasons chimney leaks occur is that damage has been done to the chimney crown, the cement portion that seals off the chimney at the top. This area, although made of strong and durable materials, can crack and decay with time and exposure to moisture, especially if it was poorly built. You see, if the chimney crown doesn’t have the right slope, the right thickness, and the right width (including a drip edge), it may become a gathering place for moisture and prematurely decay and deteriorate. Likewise, it may dump rain, snow, and sleet down onto the flashing, which can also lead to chimney leaks. So what can you do to counter these problems? Call on Leonard & Sons.

We’ve rebuilt and repaired countless chimney crowns in the Chicagoland area over the last 51 years, and our family is committed to being there for your family. If a chimney inspection reveals that your crown is damaged and needs to be repaired or rebuilt, we can take care of it quickly and effectively.

Stone chimney with newly repaired chimney crown
Brick chimney with newly repaired chimney crown

With Leonard & Sons, You Get Long-Lasting Repairs & Water Protection

Here at Leonard & Sons, we use two high-quality products from ChimneySaver for our crown repairs and moisture protection:

  • CrownSeal — CrownSeal is a waterproofing product that can resurface severely cracked crowns and provide a waterproof membrane that will expand and contract with the crown, preventing existing cracks from growing. This amazing eco-friendly product offers homeowners 10 years of water protection and can be colored to match the look and style of the home.
  • CrownCoat — CrownCoat is a crack-sealing product that, like CrownSeal, provides a flexible waterproof membrane. Also like CrownSeal, this eco-friendly product can be colored to match the look and style of the home. Large cracks or holes will need to be repaired before the CrownCoat is applied, but once it’s applied, it provides 15 years of water protection.

If repairs won’t fix the leak or the crown was built wrong and of low-quality materials, we may need to rebuild it. If so, you can expect our team to construct an attractive and effective crown that lasts for years and years.

Keep Water Out For Good

Wherever you are in Chicagoland, when you need reliable and effective crown repairs, call Leonard & Sons at 847-658-7659 or request an appointment online. We’re here to help you keep water out of your chimney for the long run!


Chimney caps, chase covers and rain pans are all possible sources of a chimney leak. Find out if you need one of them replaced or repaired today.

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