The exposed location of your chimney opening means that it is constantly exposed to nature. Rain, sleet, snow, and animal intrusion are all issues that can lead to serious damage. These damages require chimney maintenance and servicing or else they will lead to safety issues. Some of these issues include rusty dampers, water stains, masonry damage, wall and ceiling damage, or unpleasant odors. If your chimney is blocked by debris or animal nesting, the airflow can be messed up. This can lead to backups, causing smoke in the house or chimney fires. At Leonard and Sons, we want to make sure that your home is protected from the elements. Often this means making sure that your flue and chimney are protected with a chimney cap, rain pan, or chase cover. Although there are similarities between these devices, there are some differences that we can help clear up.

Chimney Capsview of masonry chimney between dangling branches

At the top of your chimney is an opening that goes all the way down to your fireplace and into your home. This opening is important for venting heat, gas, and smoke out of your home when you build a fire. However, this also means that rain, snow, sleet or anything else that feels like entering your chimney can fall into the chimney and your home. This is why chimney caps are a critical part of your chimney system. A chimney cap is a metal covering that sets atop a mesh box. The chimney cap sits on top of your chimney and blocks nature from entering into it while letting smoke and gases pass through the mesh box.

Rain Pans and Chase Covers

In a prefabricated fireplace, a rain pan or chase cover is metal cover that sets on top of your chimney or chimney chase, preventing water and debris from entering the chase. In essence, it does a similar job to what the chimney crown in a masonry chimney does. Although both the rain pan and chase cover do similar jobs, a chase cover covers the opening between the flue and a chase, while a rain pan covers the gap between a masonry chimney and the flue. Although it acts similarly to a chimney crown, a rain pan or chase cover is made of stainless steel instead of concrete.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Chimneys do not come in a standard size. This is especially true if you own an older home. Because of this, finding a chimney cap, rain pan, or chase cover that fits perfectly on your chimney can be difficult. Fortunately, we here at Leonard and Sons can custom fit these devices no matter what the size, shape, or style of your chimney. We want you and your home to stay protected. If you’ve noticed leaks or water stains in your fireplace, or hear critters scurrying around in your chimney, you need to get it checked out soon by a professional. Don’t hesitate and call Leonard and Sons at 847-658-7659 or check us out online to schedule an appointment with one of our chimney experts today!