Your fireplace is the focal point of your home. However, it can be frustrating when you are forced to focus on its unsightly stains, instead of the beauty it adds to your living area. Over the years, soot and salts accumulate on your masonry, creating an unsightly mess. These stains can be incredibly stubborn and require a lot of time and energy on scrubbing. However, cleaning your masonry doesn’t have to be that difficult. Leonard & Sons can have your chimney looking the way it did on the day it was constructed with a revolutionary fireplace cleaning product called Paint “N” Peel.

How do I accumulate stains?

There are two main culprits that cause fireplace stains – salt and soot. Salt stains are caused by a process called efflorescence, also known as leeching. Efflorescence occurs when salts in your masonry joints come into contact with moisture, dissolving salts in the mortar. These salts can soak into your brickwork and are eventually re-deposited on the outside of your brickwork causing white stains. These stains are fairly easy to get rid of since all you have to do is dissolve the salts to get rid of it. However, these stains should not be taken lightly since it is an indication that your chimney is leaking somewhere. If you notice white stains, the best course of action is to have your chimney inspected for leaks by one of our trained professionals at Leonard & Sons.

Soot stains are generally created as a byproduct of the fuel burning process. Soot stains are especially prevalent if you are burning unseasoned wood or not getting your fire hot enough to properly combust. You can also get soot stains if you have a gas fireplace, but usually not to the same degree as a wood fireplace. Unlike salt stains, soot stains are pretty much inevitable if you use your fireplace. Soot stains are also much more difficult to remove from your masonry and require a lot of time and energy scrubbing… until now.

We can help!

If you have stubborn soot and salt stains, we can help you. We use a revolutionary product called Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner to remove stains for you. Paint “N” Peel is one of our favorite chimney cleaning product because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It works by simply painting Paint “N” Peel onto your brickwork and letting it set. Once it’s dried, we will peel the Paint “N” Peel off, along with all your fireplace stains. We also like this product because it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and it is environmentally friendly.

Are you sick and tired of looking at a dirty fireplace? If so, we can help you! Give Leonard and Sons a call at 847-658-7659 or schedule an appointment online today to have one of our certified chimney sweeps come over and bring new life to your fireplace.