Leonard & Sons is well known for being Chicago’s top chimney and ventilation specialist. However, did you know that we didn’t start out in the chimney business? In fact, we started out as a tuckpointing company. Nowadays, most of our business deals with chimney inspection and maintenance services. However, we have kept the tradition of working on masonry projects unrelated to chimneys. At Leonard & Sons, we have an extensive knowledge of the masonry arts, which allows us to work on a variety of custom masonry projects including masonry finished walls and wine cellars.

Custom Finished Walls for Wine Cellars

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A traditional wine cellar incorporates traditional masonry materials such as stone and brick. That’s why one of the common specialty projects we get is putting masonry finishes on wine cellar walls. There are a couple of reasons why people prefer masonry for their wine cellar. First, walls composed of stone or brick create a rustic ambiance that wine collectors often love. Second, if you don’t have good temperature controls, stone and brick tend to keep a room cooler. This is important for wine, because temperatures over 70 degrees start to affect the flavor of the wine.

There are nearly an endless number of design options for masonry wine cellars. Although it may be tempting to get a jump start on your masonry project, it takes a lot of planning to design and construct wine cellar. Stone and brick are costly and difficult to work with, especially if you’ve never done masonry work. This is why it is important to hire an experienced mason. An experienced mason will save you the headache of doing the job yourself, and they can save you time and money too. At Leonard and Sons, we’ve been in the masonry business for over 50 years. You can rest assure that our masons have the experience to complete your project on time and up to your standards.

Consultation and Construction

At Leonard & Sons, we want you to have a wine cellar to be proud to show off to your family and friends. We start all of our projects with a consultation. Because we want everybody to be on the same page in design, time frame and budget. We will come over to your home and walk through what you are envisioning for your wine cellar project. We’ll discuss your project’s design and budget as well as the expected time frame for completion. When the project begins, we will be sure to respect your home. We will work within the hours you are comfortable with, and we will clean up any messes we make before we leave.

At Leonard & Sons, our highly experienced masons can help make the dream of owning a wine cellar come true! Call us today at 847-658-7659 for a personal in-home consultation or schedule one online today to see what we can do for you!