Do you own a home with an older, worn out fireplace? For most homes, the fireplace is the focal point in the room it resides. If you have a crumbling, stained, and outdated fireplace, it can affect the look of your living area. In fact, did you know that a well designed and functional fireplace can actually increase the value of your home? In a recent survey by Angie’s List, nearly 98 percent of real estate agents said a fireplace can raise a home’s value by at least $1,000 – $5,000. However, if your fireplace looks out of date, dirty, or in disrepair, you may not receive the financial benefits. In fact, if your fireplace is in really bad shape, it could actually lower the value of your home.

smoke stained fireboxAt Leonard and Sons, we want you to be happy with the look of your fireplace and add value to your home. Our professional refacing, changeout, and stain removal services can offer your fireplace a refreshing new look.

Fireplace Refacing

If you are looking for a totally new look for your fireplace, then refacing is a great idea. Refacing consists of removing all of the old brick from your current fireplace and redesigning it with new materials. All sorts of materials can be used to create your new fireplace face including tile, stone, or brick. Because the original fireplace face is totally removed, you can basically choose any new design. In fact, many people decide to remodel their entire living area at the same time as a refacing project to match the design of the new fireplace.


Prefab fireplaces and fireplace inserts aren’t meant to last forever. In fact, like any other home appliance, a prefab fireplace or fireplace insert lasts about 20 – 30 years with good maintenance. If you own an older prefab fireplace or insert, it might be time for a changeout. Many homeowners will use this as an opportunity to either change the design of their prefab fireplace or change the type of fuel that they are burning.

Stain Removal

Sometimes your fireplace masonry just needs a little maintenance to look like new again. We use a product called Paint “N” Peel to quickly, and it effectively removes smoke and water stains from your chimney face. This brings new life to your masonry and drastically improve the look and feel of the rest of your living area.

You don’t have to live with a worn out and out of style fireplace anymore! Our professional masons here at Leonard and Son’s have been trained, tested, and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A CSIA certification means that you can rest easy knowing your fireplace receives the highest of quality care and standards. If your fireplace needs a new look or wants your fireplace restored to its original look, call us today at 847-658-7659 or schedule an appointment online!