Leonard and Son’s is Chicagoland’s top choice for chimney repair and masonry projects. However, because of our high quality workmanship, there was a demand for us to expand our knowledge and expertise to other home heating related projects as well. That’s why we also offer to work on furnace and water heating projects as well. One of the more common questions that we get asked is in regards to linings for furnace and water heating ventilation. The fact is, these systems also have linings that, just like your chimney, need to be relined at times. At Leonard and Son’s we want to let you know that the having a functional lining for your furnace and water heater is just as important as having a functional lining for your chimney. If you are unsure if you need to reline any of your heating appliances, let us tell you how we can help.

Like chimney systems, furnace and hot water heaters need to vent off hot air and byproducts. A well designed furnace or hot water vent can last for years, but over time, these vents can corrode andWater heater relinings eventually start to leak when this happens you could expose your family to extreme heat hazards, or even carbon monoxide poisoning.This is why it is important to have all of your home’s ventilation checked out periodically and also have systems, such as carbon monoxide detectors, in place to prevent an accidental exposure.

What causes ventilation leaks?

There are a few common issues that we run across when maintaining furnace and water heater ventilation and a lot of these issues can cause leaks in your ventilation lining. Sometimes if a flue isn’t the correct size for the heating appliance, it can over work the flue or cause exhaust to bounce around in the flue. This can cause the flue to malfunction and corrode more quickly. Occasionally there will be changes in fuel types used in a heating appliance. If the flue isn’t rated for the new fuel type, this can be an issue as well. Flues can also corrode due to general wear and tear. When these things happen, it is important for you to have your vents inspected and repaired if needed and oftentimes this means that you will need to reline your flue.

If you think that your furnace or water heater flue may be leaking, it needs to be fixed right away. At Leonard and Son’s, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) ventilation experts can help you re-mediate any furnace or hot water heater ventilation issues you may be having, including relining. To have one of our ventilation technicians inspect your ventilation system, call us today at 847-658-7659 or set up an appointment online today.