When you think of Leonard & Sons you probably associate us with being Chicagoland’s top chimney expert. But did you know that we didn’t start out as a chimney company? We started out as a tuckpointing business back in 1966. Throughout the years we’ve added chimney, fireplace, and general masonry services to the list of services that we are known for. With over 50 years in the masonry business, you’re going to have a hard time finding anyone else in the industry with more experience than us.

At Leonard and Sons, we know that owning an older fireplace and chimney comes with a lot of challenges. Masonry can start leaking, brickwork can fade and stain, and mortar can crumble. On top of all of that, an older fireplace may not fit in with your home’s decor. Issues associated with owning an older fireplace may seem overwhelming. Leonard and Sons can help! Our masons are experts at fireplace restoration and we want to help you make your fireplace the highlight of your home’s decor.

Our ServicesMason bricklaying red bricks against a white wall

There are a number of masonry restoration services that we offer, but below are some of the more common services that we perform.


If your mortar is looking dull and gray, or if it is beginning to come loose, tuckpointing can fix it. Tuckpointing consists of carefully removing the mortar from your brickwork using specialized tools and replacing it with new, stronger, mortar.


If you want to give your fireplace an entirely new look, refacing is a good option. Our masons will remove the brick and mortar from your fireplace face and redesign it for you. You can choose the style and design of brick you like, essentially giving you an entirely new fireplace face.

Stain Removal

Sometimes your masonry just needs a little pick-me-up. When masonry has soot, salt, or water stains, we use a product called Paint “N” Peel to quickly and effectively remove all stains from your brickwork, giving it a fresh look.

Brick replacement

Sometimes older masonry will have a brick loosen or pop out. When this happens, the brick needs to be replaced. Replacing bricks consist of removing any remnants of old, crumbling, and worn out bricks and replacing them with new ones. Our experienced masons are able to find materials that will perfectly match your old brickwork, leaving you with a consistent look.

Trust Chicagoland’s best masonry experts. Our masons have been trained, tested, and certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), so you know that we like to set high standards for ourselves. If you have a masonry project that needs to be done, call Leonard & Sons at 847-658-7659 or schedule an appointment online!