When you are hiring a chimney sweep, you expect them to perform their job correctly. In addition, with the safety of your family in mind as well. You also want someone you can trust to give you the service you need, without adding on any additional or hidden costs. It might seem impossible to find a chimney sweep that meets all of those qualifications! However, there is one one thing you should always look for in a chimney service provider. Something that lets you know they meet the highest of standards when it comes to chimney education, safety and ethics. Only chimney sweeps that have been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) should be allowed to inspect or maintain your chimney. At Leonard and Sons, we require all of our chimney sweeps to be CSIA certified! Why do we think that CSIA certification is important?

The Importance Of CSIA Certification Image - NW Chicagoland - Leonard & Sons Building ServiceMaintenance, Repair, and Safety Education

To obtain a CSIA certification, all chimney sweeps must go through a rigorous training schedule. Their training is split into two parts. One part focuses on techniques related to chimney inspections, repairs and maintenance. The other part focuses on how to conduct their work that is safe for them, as well as for your family. Once training is completed, all chimney sweeps must take and pass two exams before they receive their certification.

Chimney servicing and safety technology is always changing. Keeping up to date on all these changes is something that CSIA requires for re-certification. That is why chimney sweeps must go through training and retesting every three years to become re-certified!

At Leonard and Sons, we require that all our sweeps be CSIA certified. This helps our chimney sweeps stay up to date on all things related to chimney maintenance, repair, and safety. Additionally, it also gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the service they are getting is going to be done correctly and safely.

Ethical Code

Education and training is just part of the CSIA certification process. CSIA requires that each chimney sweep develop their own code of ethics. This is when they promise to always treat clients with honesty and integrity. To us at Leonard and Sons, this means we will never cut corners on maintenance or repairs. Plus, we will never unnecessarily charge you for things you do not need!

Our customers trust is the most important thing to us. We want you to feel comfortable that you are getting the best chimney service that money can buy. The work we do is done with the safety of your family in mind! If you are in need of chimney services, please contact us to see what our CSIA certified chimney sweeps can do for you today.